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XGame/RPS is a system under development for creating "role-playing strategy" games. Like real-time strategy (RTS), the goal of an RPS game is to take command of an army of "Units" and construct "Structures" to form a base of operation from which to take on the enemy. XGame/RPS, like all MORPH-DSLs, provides a framework, but not a specific setting, for RPS games. In addition to typical unit construction and army management, XGame/RPS provides additional features such as:

  • A Tactical/Strategic mode switch, which governs the level of detail of the map
  • The ability for all units in the game to increase in power as they gain experience
  • Special "Persona" units that act as the player's own personal character in the RPS world

However an RPS or even an RTS game which does not utilize these new features could still nevertheless be created using XGame/RPS, by simply disabling the unwanted features.