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MORPH (Metanode ORganized Prototype Hierarchy) is a high-level organizational model that can be used to describe a variety of domains. It is intended to be a meta-model that delineates how a model for a specific domain must be produced. To this end, it makes use of two powerful concepts:
  1. Metanodes. A metanode is a conceptual view of data using metadata to describe its organization. The usage of metanodes to impose an organization that is meaningful to the task at hand makes a system easier for users to transverse than a simple flat display of instances.
  2. The Prototype pattern. Prototyping is an alternative to the inheritance approach of traditional object-oriented programming languages. The goal of prototyping is to allow users to manipulate these special prototype instances as if they were first-class objects without creating the overhead of the class-bloat that commonly occurs when inheritance is used.
For more details, please see the MORPH specification.