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M.AG.NET.AR (Metaprogrammable AGent NETwork ARchitecture) is an open reference architecture for building large-scale collaborative multi-agent systems. The highlights of this architecture include:

  • Compliance with High-Level Architecture (HLA) specification propounded by the Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Use of meta-programming with XML scripts
  • Use of the MORPH paradigm for information modeling
  • Use of the blackboard problem-solving model
  • Component-based design of modules

Magnetar is an architecture for what we call a Collaborative Metaprogramming Framework (CMF). A CMF is a framework that allows creation of software products by collaboratively instantiating them from a template that defines a family of products. In essence, Magnetar is an architecture that is highly suited to, but not limited to, multi-user simulation systems that require collaboration over networks.

We currently have a separate site dedicated just to Magnetar.